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Online Returns - Painless

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Online Returns - Painless

How it began

Return queen is a rapid-growing start-up because they are solving a crucial problem. Every day online shoppers order hundreds of items that they will end up returning.

Ever tried returning an online order? It's a pain in the neck!

The RQ app sends you a bag and you just drop in your items, and they handle the rest.

The mobile app was a huge part of this journey as it allowed its users to add items to the bag and schedule a pickup.

While the app was built with a solid foundation, the user did not really understand how to use it.

Some of the flow was very not user-friendly.

The RQ development team reached out to Intent UX so we can transform certain flow and screens of the mobile application.

The Goal

  • To make guided returns in the mobile app as seamless as possible.
  • To audit and recommend UX and UI improvements for the rest of the mobile app so that it is more user-friendly, frictionless, and accessible.

After identifying and fully understanding the different challenges, the Return Queen team collaborated with the Intent UX team to visualize and sketch solutions.

We then audited and suggested UX/UI enhancements for the other features of the mobile app.

Finally, we were able to assist the Return Queen developers in successfully implementing the new solutions.

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The before


The Discovery:

The Sticky Notes 🤣


The Sketches

The Information and Data Architecture  

Market Analysis

After the in-depth learning and research, the wireframes were taking shape.

After the wireframes were tested many times with the team and users - The Intent team implement all the UX changes.

See the initial Wireframe walkthrough!


The Finale UI Designs:

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