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A Spiritual Learning Platform

How it started:

Rafel Huisman, the person behind the scenes in arranging all the speaking engagements for Rabbi YY Jacobson - also runs the site theyeshiva.net website.

Rafi reached out to us with a unique challenge: The site has so much content and it's many visitors have completely different intentions.

We came down to Meet Rafi in his home in Pomona NY. Rafi explained to us, that many UX Designers have already tried to improve the design of the website but Rabbi YY was not satisfied.

And yes, we took on the challenge to redesign the platform from scratch!

The challenges:

  1. The site has too much content and is hard to navigate
  2. The Homepage is too cluttered
  3. The lecture detail page has many great tools but they are hard to find
  4. The content structure of the site is not aligned with the Rabbi's vision
The Challenges the team was Facing

Project's Goals:

The goals for this project were very clear:

  • Create a new content structure and hierarchy for the site
  • Design a homepage that will be seamless for new and returning users
  • Re-image an immersive lecture detail page and make it's robust tools more accessible
  • Add marketing and promotional widgets within the pages smartly
The Project's Goals

The UX Process:

Learning About the Users- Together with Rafi we defined that the site has 3 types of users:

  1. People that visit once in a while
  2. Daily users that are tech-savvy
  3. Elderly Daily users that are non tech-savvy

We need to come up with a unique design that will service all the above users!

Some shots how the site looked before the redesign:

The Home Page

The Search Results Page

A Category Landing Page

The Solution:

After compiling all the research and market data, our team set out to create a new solution. 

With the Website Design the Thousands of Users of the Yeshiva Net can now:

  • Find the content they're looking for more easily on the Homepage
  • The content of the site is structured in a streamlined way
  • The lecture detail page is now clear with no distractions
  • Every series has now it's own landing page for marketing purposes

The Polish:

After ironing out the last tweaks of the UX with the team, we set out to design the entire website with a clean UI.

This site is currently being developed!

Here are some shots of the final product:

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