Great UX Design is when you align your business goals with your customer's journey.


Before we create any new solution, we study your business goals, user behaviors, and competitors. This gives us the platform to design true user-friendly solutions.

New Ideas

Together with your team, we come up with a new design solution for your app. We go from paper sketches to stunning prototypes - all keeping your users in-mind.

Design & Validate

Creating a solution in a box is not the way. We take the new ideas and put them to the real test. Are users grasping the design? Can the developer build all the cool ideas? We make sure everyone is taken care of.

Are you a senior developer?

You created the entire software for your company. They made you add lots of features over the years. Now it looks a bit cluttered. It's about time, you deserve to work on something beautiful.

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Why did we create Intent UX?