Avoiding Developer Burnout with UX

Developers are the core of your product.

They actually build out your dreams.

And it’s no secret that good developers are very hard to find!

If you manage to snatch great developers onto your team, you still need to put in a lot of effort that they remain with you happily!

But developers can experience burnout.

When the UX Design of your software is thrown onto engineers, it may cause them to slowly burn out even more!

Developers just want to focus on building.

In this article, I’ll explain how offloading the UX/UI aspect from your developers will save their (and your) burnout!

Those endless meetings

👉 Developers don’t enjoy the endless design discussion and political meetings.

If you are a developer, you know what I mean.

Handing off the entire design process to a dedicated UX Designer will give back sanity to your developers.

They won’t need to spend their precious time in the back and forth and unstructured brainstorming process.


Clarity on what to build

👉 The features they build are not fully thought out.

When the developers are tasked with also the design, they tend to rush it.

When the design is rushed, you get shortcuts.

Which leads to the need of rebuilding a lot of the code.

When the ready features get to your users, things might go south!

With me?

When do developers lose excitement?

👉 when they are involved in the emotional cyclone of the design process.

They are great builders.

They love to build bug-free and secure code.

When you make them also handle the design (UX) they feel an overload.

The design process can be messy.

The back and forth and the 100’s of revisions.

This can distract the focus and quality of the builders.

Handoff the design to a dedicated UX/UI guru.

You’ll thank me later!

Developers love to build, not 126 revision requests.

I hope this article will shed some light on why you should consider offloading the UX Design from your developers.

They will thank you for this.

If you’d like to outsource your UX to a magical UX team.

Please reach out to us!


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