Creating New Software Features with Existing Data

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It is usually the UX designer’s task to come up with new feature ideas in a SaaS product.

We also know that new feature suggestions boil up from the user feedback forms or the internal executive team.

But how can you foster an environment of creating new features from data you already have?

In this article, I will explore 5 different paths that can help you create new feature ideas out of nowhere.

This will shine in a fresh perspective for product managers, UX designers, CEO’s, and anyone looking to boost innovation into their technology.

1. Create smart in-app suggestions.

This sounds simple, but many apps miss this opportunity.

Think of all the tough questions your customer success team needs to solve for users daily.

With the data you already have, your software can start offering automated suggestions so customers can get the answers to their problems right within the app.

Sounds simple, huh?

These simple data-driven tips and suggestions can transform the entire experience for your users.

It will save them time, money, and a phone call to the customer service Rep.

2. Help them batch tasks.

For example, if you know your customer needs to reschedule 25 of their meetings; today, build out a tool that will help them do it in bulk.

Do they need to add 400 SKUs to their items? Build a function that is designed to do this in a fifth of the time?

These features are sometimes easy to build, but it adds a lot of value to your users.

Saving them time and anxiety.

What bulk-time-saving tools appear in your SaaS?

3. With Time-Based Action Prompts.

You have the data when the client needs to submit in their next order to Amazon.

Why not create time-based alerts that will smartly remind your clients to do certain actions to save them money?

You have so much time-based data from your users; use all that to create meaningful action-based prompts that will guide your users to a better journey.

After all, aren’t you here to help people?

4. Guide them to a profit.

You learned already how your users make a profit in their business.

Take this opportunity to use your software to guide them towards profitability.

Develop a free calculator or time-based reminders to take smart action — that will increase their profit visibility and proactiveness.

You can easily develop a report showing clearly the profit numbers to your users.

This will make them feel that you are a profit partner & the software company that helps them grow their business.

Not just a software tool.

This is deep, Agree?

5. Show important data at a glance.

They have 5,658 incoming orders or 3,259 tasks.

It would help if you can dig out the most important and vital information, then showcase it for your users at a glance.

This will help them make use of your features and software when overwhelmed with the day to day rush.

You know, they don’t even have time to run a search!

Users want to be fed the most important data that needs their attention at the right time.

But make sure the data is accurate, and it WORKS!

with me?


I hope you enjoyed this article, and it changes the way you thought features are created within the software.

When I work with my clients, I roll multiple of these style features out of my sleeve!

I love doing it.

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