Fighting competition with better UX Design

In the era of “everyone is building apps,” you are looking for the best way to stand out among your competitors.

When users compare and evaluate similar software solutions today, the first stop is UX Design.

They ask: is the app simple to use?

We’ll, most software in the markets now have a poor UX.

It’s just the fact.

Intelligent teams that are putting great resources toward the UX and the UI of their software are seeing a large return on investment.

In this article, I’ll explain the three reasons you’ll stand out with better UX/UI.

Reason #1:

When your software has excellent UX:

🔥 People will use it.

👉 Many people sign up to use software, and then… they abandon it — forever.

Usually, the reason is — the lack of good UX.

This happens even if ALL the features work as promised.

Are your users sticking around? Or are they finding alternatives?

Reason #2:

Fewer features, better designed = less competition.

👉 While most product teams want to ship massive features.

Users might want fewer features, with better design.

Well-designed features will go further than adding more.

People get really frustrated when they feel a UX flow does not make sense.

Heading to your competitor!

How’s the UX/UI of your app?

Reason #3:

You’ll get GOOD referrals.

Do they care about UX?

👉 This is the question your users are asking friends when talking about your software.

If UX Design is great, you’re lucky!

The design of your app has a direct impact and the new referrals you’ll get.

If it’s easy to use, people recommend it, if not…..

What are people saying about your application’s design?

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I hope this article will help you understand how UX Design will actually differentiate your app in the market.

Design is everything.

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