How can UX Design differentiate your startup?

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When everyone is building apps and similar tools, you ask: how can you stand out with UX design?

How can you be recognized for great Design?

This article will share the four fundamentals of how UX design will help you stand out from the pack!

1) You’ll be identified by great Design.

Apps that have a large focus on the UX/UI Design leave a better mark on their users.

When people talk about the app to their friends, they will mention the app’s beauty and simplicity — first thing in the morning!

So putting in the effort in a good design will pay off to differentiate yours from the pack!

With me?

2) Show users and investors that you care about UX.

This works.

In your emails, messaging & other mediums — talk about your focus on UX Design. This will send a message to your potential customers and investors that you are a design-focused startup.

This is how you do it!

3) Design with the user, not for the user.

Many teams and people have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars building technology to discover — they got it wrong.

Users want to solve a different problem, or they do not understand the design you intended.

The right UX Design process can save you from all this chaos!

DM me if you want more resources on the best process.

4) Match the UI to your brand identity.

Some startups skip this step.

You software’s look and feel must mesh in nicely with your public-facing brand identity.

This will help new customers instantly feel that your team is designing a cohesive experience and not just a tool!

To begin, match the color pallet, font styles, and borders.

This should get you on track!

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I hope this article will help you make you app stand out from the pack more efficiently.

If you need help or guidance, please feel free to reach out!

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