How can UX Design increase your SaaS Revenue?


Some SaaS owners ask: How will UX Design increase my bottom line?

In this short article, you’ll learn why a great UX/UI Design will increase you actual revenue! 🤑🤑

1) It will increase your User Retention.

Having a great UX design will keep your user to stick with you. The #1 reason users will leave and find an alternative is because of poor usability design.

How can design increase user retention:

🔹 Clear Onboarding:

A simple onboarding will create an initial connection with your users. This will decrease the chance of losing them to competitors or alternatives.

🔹 Simple to use interface:

Most users abandon a software solution when the Software is too complicated. A well-thought-out UX design will simplify the software usage, and users will stay for the journey!

🔹 A cohesive and secure feel

Users tend to leave Software when they feel the app is inconsistent and wonky. A tidy UX/UI will foster a great feeling in your users. They will feel your app is cutting edge, secure, and very reliable!

Is your user retention going down?

2) You will get better referrals and ratings.

In any business, trust and reputation are critical. In B2B SaaS, it’s even more true. Your business is reliant on customer reviews and ratings more than ever!

How will good design help with your reputation?

🔹 User will be proud to share:

When the design is next-gen, users have a 3x more tendency to refer friends to use the app. Give them a design they will be proud to share!

🔹 You’ll get more reviews:

When your Software is beautiful and a breeze to use, you’ll get more ratings and reviews from your customers. You’ll see a decline in the 1-star reviews you’ve seen in the past!

🔹 Referrals will be healthier:

When your Software looks solid, you’ll be able to get better quality referrals. Your solution will be compared to higher-quality providers, and you’ll be able to raise your prices quickly. That’s cash right there!

Is your Software worth sharing?

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3) You’ll save $1000’s on support and training.

When your Software is well designed, people will know how to use it. You will be saving yourself thousands in customer support and ticketing agents!

How can UX Design save you $$ in support costs?

🔹 Simple, the ease of use:

When you simplify the design of your Software to be more user friendly, users will naturally understand how to navigate and use most features. You’ll be surprised!

🔹 A well-designed onboarding:

When your onboarding is designed — tailored to your user’s journey, they will adopt the software way better. This investment will save your hours of training and manual software adoption.

How many support requests are coming towards your support team related to the poor User Experience?

4) You’ll save on development costs.

Developers are not cheap. You know, they cost you an arm and a leg. Without the proper UX Design process built-in, you’ll redevelop features 4–5 times until it’s right.

How can UX Design save you in development costs?

🔹 Playing with ideas:

UX Designers will play with many ideas before you even decide which solution to build out. This gives you a cost-effective, low-risk way of exploring and testing many ideas before the developers build!

🔹 Design and then build:

When developers are tasked to build out the software without a proper design, it will usually fail. Software developers won’t handle the stress of crafting the right design while also focusing on the build/function quality.

🔹 Only build what works:

When running every feature and “Idea” through a UX Designer, you’ll filter and omit all the unviable ideas. This will save you a few full-time salaries of expert developers. (you might need to downsize your dev team, indeed!)

Are you ready to save thousands on development costs?

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5) You’ll attract the right people faster.

Good looking things attract humans. It’s like this in every industry! If your Software looks excellent, you’ll be able to go far!

With what will solid UX Design help you?

🔹 Raise faster seed:

When investors give you ten seconds for the pitch, they first assess the look and feel of your App/Software. With a polished UX/UI design, you can open the first door fast!

🔹 Recruit better talent:

In tech, there is a fight for talent. Companies are fighting to recruit the best developers and tech-savvy folks. When your App or Software has a simplistic and polished look, it will excite developers to explore further. You need to inspire!

🔹 Convince investors:

Convincing people to your “New” idea is tough! But with an attractive design, it will go way smoother. 90% of investors are subconsciously biased toward a polished looking app idea, rather than a raw wireframed one.

Does your current design attract people?

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