How can you improve UX with low development effort?

Suggesting UX design changes to the software is great… But there is one thing that gets in the way:


The development of new features or the redesign to existing features takes way longer than mocking up a Figma.

In this article, I will advise you on what UX design enhancement you can quickly apply to an app with no or little help from developers!

I spill all the secrets 👇👇

1) Tweak the colors and fonts.

This won’t take too much development of brains.

Choose a clean Google font, set some style rules in Figma (Heading, subheading, etc) and the developer can quickly change the feel of your app.

The same goes for color, select a new primary color, secondary, and 3 product colors (red, green & blue) — this should be able to re-theme your app with a low development effort!

You’ll thank me later.

2) Shorten and rename the copy of the headings and buttons.

Do this page by page.

Examine all the heading and buttons, rename them to be short, sharp & directional

This easy task is high-impact on the UX but is low on the development effort.


3) Add a guided product tour via plugins.

This can be set up in minutes.

Choose a product tour tool and set up some onboarding sequences.

This will show new users around your unfamiliar territory.

The script to install takes a minute for the devs to complete.


4) Make all the buttons clickable.

You application has A LOT of buttons.

Now, most of them look different.

Create a universal style for all the buttons. make them at least 40px by 40px so human fingers can click them easily.

This will add a very polished look to your app and this is pretty low on the development side of things.

Want more easy advice?

5) Remove clutter.

Go around from screen to screen and see what can be cleaned.

You’ll be surprised how much “stuff” that people didn’t use in 10 years is just laying around front and center.

This will free up space for your important text, features and button can grab the deserved attention of your customers!

Sounds simple?

I hoped this article helped you realize how much you can improve on the UX of your app by giving your developers and a large headache.

All this can literally take one week and your app to go up 10 notches in being way more user-friendly!

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