We believe that people deserve user-friendly software tools.

Nussi Einhorn, CEO of Intent UX

The Intent UX Story


Humble Beginnings

Nussi, our principal designer, started out as a website developer at a local web development agency for only $13.50 per hour. He spent his days building out simple "About Us" pages. This was just the beginning of the journey.


Made it Big by Joining Corporate

Nussi joined a large development team at a manufacturing company, where he was the sole UX designer. At this time, the UX term was not defined. So, everyone was just guessing and defining it on their own.


UX Freelance Gigs

Other companies started hearing about the UX magic that Nussi was creating on his team. People started reaching out to him after hours for help designing complicated applications and new software ventures. At this time, his freelance gigs started to take over his full-time job.


Founding of Intent UX

After designing many projects, Nussi founded Intent UX. This is a bigger vision for helping make software around the world more friendly. Today, we have a team of the smartest designers working on that vision.

The Big Mission:

To provide magical UX Design services for technology-focused businesses around the world via an elite team of expert software designers.

We craft authentic creative solutions, with a core mission in building strong and provocative relationships between brands and customers

People are happier when their software tools are easy to use.

We value a diverse team and clients

As a company, we treat every person with respect and dignity. We love them all!