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application more


Unlock rapid and actionable UX insights tailored for your SaaS, engage in comprehensive UX coaching for your team, or delve into our full-suite product design subscription.

No more searching
for a senior Designer.

Finding a full-time UX Designer can be very expensive and a challange.
With Intent UX:
Monthly Coaching and Consulting Plans
Access project-based top UX/UI talent
Custom packages to suit your exact Product Design Needs
Get your project completed, on-time
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Your users will
praise the simplicity
of your app.

They will finally “get” how to use the application. It will be easy and effortless.
How we can help you:
In-depth application UX Audits
Quick and clear recommendations
Up-sell and Cross-sell UX
User Testing
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Your UX will shine among the competitors & market.

What’s the best way to stand out from your direct competitors? The magic lies in the UX/UI.
What we do for you:
Competitive audits
Custom and Unique UI
Copy for your app, that talks
An experience unique to your brand
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Are users leaving negative feedback on your SaaS?

It can feel very scary. 😧

“Your app is extremely complicated to use”
Customer Review
“I just signed up, where do I start?”
Customer Question
“Can someone teach us how to use this app?”
Customer Comment

Your SaaS can have a better UX Design.

Our customers see an 80% increase in user engagement after a good UX redesign.

Users will start using your application more often.

It will be simpler
More guidance and intuition
They’ll see a clear path to their journey

You won’t need to teach users how to use your software.

It will be more self-understood
The text and copy will be more guiding and intuitive
You CS team will be able to focus on more important stuff

Less users will drop off while using your solution.

They’ll love the friendly experience
They’ll tell their friends about it
They will NOT leave easily to your competitors

We believe that your users deserve a friendlier experience.

Recent UX Magic:

A Shipping Evolution

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Clients Love Us

“The intent team has over-delivered”

Pearl Ausch, COO First Choice Ship

Empower your developers with clever design.

They have too many tasks and decisions to make. We will handle the entire design headache for your developers.

UX Magic Story

A true story that shows the difference Intent UX can make for a company.


First Choice Shipping had a big challenge: there was a SaaS tool in place where customers can order shipping and users stopped using the tool due to poor UX and bugs.


Intent UX has reimagined a new experience that the users now love. Additionally, the internal development team was so relieved that the entire design and planning of the new portal was handled by a strong outside team.

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UX Magic Stories

A true story that shows the difference Intent UX can make for a company.


Payro had a challenge: The team wanted to build a new comprehensive payroll financing platform. The Developers were looking for design guidance, the team needed expert UX and UI help. They reached out to Intent UX for help.


Intent UX has designed their Fintech Application, this new platform has enabled Payro to appear as the market leader in Payroll Financing solutions.

The Payro team and developers were able to go to market and build their product with clarity and confidence.

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Make your development
project a success

With no proper UX design:
Users will feel lost
Non savvy users will leave
Developers will get burnt out
You’ll spend endless hours trying to design
You won’t understand why people are leaving
You’ll feel like your going in circles
With Intent UX Magic:
Users will find your product delightful
They will know what to do
They will leave great feedback and recommend your solution to friends
You’ll be able to build and scale more easily
You will stand out from the boring competition more than ever!
Your develpers will build will more clarity and confidence!