Is Your Team's ClickUp Workflow Messy?

Clickup is powerful, but you might feel like it's quite messy for your team. Get expert help and strategy to make you Clickup work for you!

Clickup is powerful, but you might feel like it's quite messy for your team. Get expert help and strategy to make you Clickup work for you!

ClickUp is powerful, but can get cluttered.

You set up Clickup so your team can be more productive, but over time it became too complicated. At Intent UX we make order with your ClickUp workspace so your team can use the tool to its full potential.

ClickUp Services

Are we using all the features correctly?

Clickup has the most project management features on the market. This can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. We help you utilize and understand when to use what feature to maximize ClickUp.

The Process

1. Schedule a Strategy Call with the Experts!

We understand that your time is precious and your business needs are unique. That's why the first step of our process is a strategy call that you set, for us to help you identify any pain points you may be experiencing while using ClickUp. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your specific needs and helps you get the most out of this powerful productivity tool.

2. We Take a Deeper Dive

During the upcoming strategy call, our team will make it a top priority to fully comprehend your unique concerns and requirements. We recognize that every business has its own set of workflow and process intricacies, and we want to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of yours before we proceed with any solutions.

To achieve this, we'll take the time to listen to you as you share your insights and experiences. We'll ask targeted questions that are designed to help us gain a deeper understanding of your workflow and processes, including any pain points or bottlenecks that you may be experiencing.

3. A New Plan for the New ClickUp Setup

We'll take a collaborative approach to understanding your business processes and identifying areas for improvement. After careful analysis and consultation, we'l provide tailored solutions and recommendations and implement tools and strategies that will streamline your tasks and increase productivity.

4. Setup Testing and Fixing Revisions

The new ClickUp setup will be thoroughly tested and reviewed by you and your team. It is important to ensure that everything is working as expected before moving forward with implementation.

We then document any issues that will arise and clearly communicate them to you for resolution. By taking the time to properly test and review the new ClickUp setup, you can ensure a smooth transition.

5. Provide Training Videos

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive support to our valued clients. You can count on us to be there for you every step of the way! In order to ensure a smooth and successful onboarding process, we offer a variety of resources designed to meet your needs. For instance, we have an extensive library of training videos that are specifically tailored to your team's requirements. These videos serve as an excellent reference tool, allowing your team members to quickly and easily access the information they need to get up to speed.


Full setups starting at - $6k

Maintenance:  $300/hour

Reach out to us in the form below to discuss more details and for custom pricing packages.

Nussi and his team analyzed and set up our ClickUp Workspace so the team can work way more organized and the management team can have reporting like never before.

Sam Viskovitch, CEO Uttr

We run an accounting firm of 30 people. Before Nussi our team was using Clickup in the wrong way. After the unique set up the team was up and running with zero friction in the flow!

Moshe Kohen, CEO - M Kohen CPA

As our Interior Design firm was growing we tried using ClickUp to help. We pondered many templates and it was messy! Nussi and his team came to the rescue to set up a highly custom space that is tailored to our process. WOW!

Vanessa - CEO, Vanessa Empire Interiors