Make your software more friendly, faster.

Get the magical UX advice your developers need. For a fraction of the cost in just 2-4 weeks.

Get the magical UX advice your developers need. For a fraction of the cost in just 2-4 weeks.

How do we use the software?

When an application becomes complicated to use, people start to struggle and they try to find a better solution. With a UX Audit, we point out to your team all the usability flaws. Your developers can then improve your product quickly.

UX Audit

Is your App User-Friendly?

It's a fact, that apps that are hard to use are not people's favorites. It can be painful to see all the features you have built are not being used to their full potential. A UX Audit will give you clarity on what needs to be fixed.

What is a UX audit?

A UX Audit - is where we take a hard look at the usability of your application. Over time the design can get cluttered and now you want to simplify it. The Audit will give your developers the clear tasks on how to make the app more user-friendly.

For whom is the UX Audit suited?

  • Development teams that want great & quick UX advice
  • SaaS owners who what to get their application in better UX shape
  • Software teams that are getting complaints from the users "the app is too hard to use"
  • Apps that were built over many years without UX Design in-mind
  • Your competitor just released a new app version and you want to be the better one

The Intent UX team did an audit on our internal application, the tips and actionable advice were so useful and easy to develop.

Zehavi Greenber, CTO Oorah

Nussi performed an in-depth UX audit on our newly developed application and the direction and ideas were so clear and obvious. This was a great investment.

Yochanan Tenehouse, CEO - Sunshine Construction

Our application was in the midst of development, but the UX seemed off. Nussi and his team gave us a full UX audit and everything just fell into place.

Joe Kothe, CEO Eyniy Yeshua