Unlimited UX/UI Design For Your Software Projects

Get our signature UX/UI magic design - UNLIMITED - for a fixed fee

Get our signature UX/UI magic design - UNLIMITED - for a fixed fee

Hiring a Full-Time Designer Is Expensive

UX design is a complicated process. Good UX talent is hard to find and is usually very expensive. But in reality, you want the best UX & Product design continuously. This service is for YOU! A UX Subscription Package.

UX Subscription

Unlimited UX Design and Revisions

When you hire an agency for the project, you look over that contract many times. You are scared that something was not included—and the agency team is scared of project "scope creep". Do you want the experience of an agency but the familiarity of an in-house UX designer? We get you!

👍 What is Included?

  • Full Product Strategy, Planning, pivoting, & direction
  • Wireframes & Prototypes (Miro, Figma & Loom)
  • Custom UI Design (Figma)
  • Unlimited comments & revisions until you approve
  • Direct communication with your dedicated designer & strategist
  • Daily Updates is a chat, tool comments & ClickUp statuses
  • One Weekly Status Meeting on Zoom (30min)
  • Full developer handoff phase where we answer all their questions

➡️ The Process - (For Each Feature)

  • You (or we) create the task in ClickUp with a Loom/Written brief
  • We review the feature brief, flesh out the requirements, and clarify the feature in great  DETAIL (maps, strategy)
  • We create & critique the initial version of the design internally
  • You review the initial design and provide changes wanted
  • We apply the changes and add the UI polish
  • We gather more feedback and update the design until all is cleared
  • We make a loom explaining the feature for the devs and answer any questions they may have
  • The task is then rendered 100% complete
  • We start the next task in the queue!

🚀 Subscription Benefits

  • Full Design Project Management - We drive the boat!
  • You get (BA, PM, UX, and UI) in one package (You only need to handle the actual development)
  • Unlimited UX Design Tasks (For real!)
  • Unlimited UX Comments and Revisions (Until you like it)
  • No task is too small or complex
  • Nothing is out of the SCOPE
  • A senior creative lead overlooks all the work
  • Embedded into your product and development team
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Only subscribe for the week you are ready to fully engage with us
  • Cancel Anytime as you (after a monthly cycle)

😎 Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really Unlimited?
Yes! Once subscribed, you'll be able to add unlimited design requests to a queue (backlog) and they'll be worked on and completed one-by-one. You will have acess to this board and you'll be able to change priority.

Where can I see the task progress?
You will get your very own ClickUp board were you will be able to add tasks and see the progress live!

Is there meetings:

Usually no! Every tasks you submit will have a Loom thread that you'll initiate in there your explain what you need clearly (share your screen) and will ensure we fully understand it. If we have any questions we'll send them your way a-sync.

What tools do you use:
We currently use Figma, but we keep on evolving the tool stack as the future unfolds.

What is the turnaround time for each task?
The turnaround time for a UX Design task depends on the complexity of the work. Some tasks can take 4 hours while others can take 10 days. When we complete one task we go to the next one.

💰 Weekly Commitment - $4,000

Cancel Anytime after a cycle ends | Price is subject to increase at anytime

💰 Monthly Commitment - $14,000

Cancel Anytime after a cycle ends | Price is subject to increase at anytime

Working with Intent UX has been a pleasure. Nussi & team work quickly and brings so much value to any project. We hope to work together in the future to create the best user flow and experience.

Zehavi Greenberg - Programming Team Manage, Oorah

Nussi and his designers are a UX dream team! They have the processes nailed down. From wireframes to design systems - you name it. We always rely on them for our continuous UX needs. Highly recommend them. They drive the entire project.

Pearl Ausch - COO, Fist Choice Shipping

Nussi with his creative vision has brought our firm to the next level. It's not just the UX & UI it's the entire energy he and his team eminates! I highly recommend Intent UX for founders who really know what UX means. He will simplify it for you!

Morris Reichman - CEO, Payro Finance