Battle of the UX: Google Calendar VS. Microsoft 365 Calendar

Nussi Einhorn
Battle of the UX: Google Calendar VS. Microsoft 365 Calendar

In our fast-paced digital age, time is a precious commodity, and staying organized is key to making the most of every moment. Whether it's managing personal commitments, crushing professional goals, or enjoying meaningful social connections, we need a reliable and user-friendly tool to keep our schedules on track.

Enter calendar software – a game-changer that revolutionizes how we manage our time and take control of our lives.

In this blog, we'll uncover the true importance of good User Experience (UX) in calendar software through these UX stories, with a spotlight on two leading contenders: Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 Calendar. An elegantly designed calendar interface goes far beyond aesthetics; it directly impacts productivity, reduces stress, and empowers us to seize every opportunity that comes our way.

Why does it have to be difficult?

John🙍‍♂️, a regular user of Google Calendar🗓️, noticed an issue with the event interface.

While simplicity was valued, managing sub-tasks became difficult. 😓

For instance, when planning a grocery shopping trip,

John had to switch 🔀 between modes, manually input marks,

and save each item purchased.

He wished for a more intuitive solution ✅,

like a simple tap or swipe to check off items.

By addressing this, Google Calendar could become a haven of productivity and ease for users like John. 👍

Any input?

Limited Integration Capabilities!

👱‍♀️ Sarah relied on multiple tools 🛠️ and platforms to manage her busy schedule.

Although she used the 365 Calendar 🗓️,

she often got frustrated 😓 with its limited integration capabilities.

Sarah wanted the 365 Calendar to integrate with popular apps like email,

task management, and project software 💻 to improve productivity

and eliminate the need for switching 🔀 between applications.

This would have been a much easier and simpler experience for Sarah ✅

if these things had been considered when designing the UX of the app.

What are your thoughts? 👀

Poll of the week

We ask our connects on Linkedin which calendar app they think is easier to use.

Below is their answer!

Do you agree with the respondents?

Link to the poll: Click here!

Google Calendar and Microsoft 365 Calendar, is a total game-changer for users! Picture this: a calendar that's so easy-peasy to use that users can schedule events and manage their lives without even breaking a sweat.

A smooth and intuitive UX is like having a secret weapon that boosts users' productivity and keeps them on top of their game. Plus, with seamless synchronization across all their devices, users stay in the loop, no matter where they are! But wait, there's more! Users get to customize their calendars, jazz them up with colors, and set reminders to match their vibe.

Stress? Nah, not with a stress-busting UX that keeps things crystal clear and focused. Oh, and did I mention the power of collaboration? It's a teamwork wizard, making group projects a piece of cake.

So, why settle for a clunky calendar when users can have a user-friendly one that's their productivity sidekick? Embrace the awesomeness of good UX, and conquer time like a boss!

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