How do you design software that people will actually use?

Nussi Einhorn
How do you design software that people will actually use?

There is no shortage of new apps being released — daily.

From games to todo list to new email clients, everyone is building an app!

How can you ensure that your big idea will penetrate the market?

This article will teach you the five fundamentals — UX professionals use to validate software ideas.

1) Do research.

This is obvious before you start designing or building, conduct market research.

🔹 Find out who is the target user avatar

🔹 What are their pains?

🔹 What solutions are currently available to them?

🔹 Where do they hang out online?

🔹 Send out a survey to networks you have access to.

🔹 Interview 5–6 people in person to truly understand their needs.

The results of this research will give you and your team a clear path to success!

Use tools like to help you out.

2) Make a fake landing page.

It shouldn’t take more than a day.

Create a fake landing page that talks to the target user — directly to their pain points. Demonstrate how your idea will solve their problem.

Ask the visitors to sign up for early access.

You’ll start seeing how excited people are for your solution!


Put some ad money behind your landing [age — to boost the visitors, and you’ll have even more data to validate your idea.

3) Create a wireframe concept.

Create a paper sketch or a low-fidelity clickable prototype.

👉 Yes, the ones that look raw and ugly!

This will give you a fast way to ideate and play with differents flows for your App.

Don’t obsess over the details when you’re wireframing.

4) Test your ideas.

Testing will tell.

When you already have decent-looking app design, test it immediately with five potential users.

Take note of the design flaws — you detect while conducting the interviews.

User testing will give you the “real and raw” insights if your design solves the problem correctly.

Tools to use for testing:

How are you testing your app design ideas with users?

5) Delete your bias.

You love your ideas. I know!

To achieve genuinely excellent solutions, you will need to tuck away your ego and bias.

Here’s how:

🔹 Bring in people other than you into the room to share their creativity. 🔹 Embrace a voting system within your organizations

🔹 Treat other peoples ideas with respect

🔹 Create anatomy workshops where people are not scared to voice their real opinions.

Once you adopt the above, your solutions will begin to be more concrete.

I hope this article will help you design apps that the market will enjoy!

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