How do you infuse branding in your App?

How do you infuse branding in your App?

How do you infuse branding in your App?

Software products can often be data-heavy and boring. They are loading endless rows of information.

How can you infuse unique branding and style in your Software?

Here are my four tips:

1) Call your very own colors.

👉Use your brand’s color pallet. This will create an instant connection to your brand’s character.

Don’t choose that generic blue.

Pick your colors wisely!

Use to get you going!

2) Get creative on the copy.

👉Let your customer hear your unique voice in the App’s micro-copy.

Error messages, welcome phrases, etc.

That’s your moment to connect with your users, fully-branded!

Who writes your micro-copy?

3) Hire a custom illustrator.

👉To stand out and look branded, hire a 3D or doodle artist. They will create for you unique character illustrations that you can use throughout the App.

This will tie in nicely to your Marketing site, so it will all look like one brand!

Does your App have custom illustrations?

4) Branded product Education.

You’re becoming a teacher.

👉Software users expect to receive a hand-held product education. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers on a brand level.

Use your style of images, massaging, and colors.

Your user will suddenly reply to the automated onboarding emails!

Is your product education branded?

I hope this article will help you to liven-up your App with branding.

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