How to add UI polish to software?

Nussi Einhorn
How to add UI polish to software?

You know those boring apps are full of boring data.

What can a team do to make an app’s interface come alive? Is it really magic?

The answer is NO!

You can transform your app’s UI’s look and feel with the 5 simple steps outlined below.

Discover them today!

1) With Illustrations.

Adding unique illustrations throughout the app will infuse life immediately!

This will give your data a character.

User love illustration.

People will start praising the design of your app (even if it’s not so user-friendly and is lacking some features). 💗

With the custom illustration you’ve created, your users will be able to differentiate you from the competition. 👌

2) Add rich conversational copy.

If you have lots of long text, shorten them. 🤏

Take advantage of long-form copy in certain areas of your website, like onboarding, updates, and support.

This will add oomph and character to a boring data-filled app. 🌟🌟🌟

Users like to see interesting phrases, humor, and other conversational text.

Does your app have this?

If yes, do UX Designer take care of this?

3) Choose a bold color pallet.

Color can transform an app. 🌈

Choose colors that mesh with your brand and brighten boring data.

Another great idea is to let your users experiment with different color themes, thus allowing them to become more personally connected to your app!

How are the colors in your app?

4) Buy a unique font.

Fonts are the hidden differentiator in design. 🔠

By a unique font for your app (If costs around $600 per set).

This will be well worth it — as it will add a mysterious touch that your users will feel immediately.

You can also get creative to find a cool Google Font pairing.

What font does your app utilize now?

5) Create custom vector Icons.

This is the next level. 🔥🔥🔥

Though, it’s not that expensive.

Take the effort to hire a dedicated icon artist to create a unique icon set for your app.

This takes an app to a whole new level!

You’ll thank me later for this piece of advice.

You can also utilize 100’s existing icon libraries that will also be great for your app project.

Are you using Font Awesome? Talk to your designer!

I hope this article gives you some tips on how to polish your app easily!

Remember: start small and keep enhancing — this is like home decor.

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