How to avoid a software disaster with propper UX Design

Nussi Einhorn
How to avoid a software disaster with propper UX Design

Software projects are hazardous and expensive.

We've all see it, a team builds out a robust software tool for months and even years, and then it's all sent to the graveyard!

But is there a better way?

Something safer?

In this article, I'll show you how some simple UX Design tricks can salvage this drama.

Read on!!


1) Align your team with research and strategy.

This doesn't sound easy, but in fact, it can be very straightforward!

🟒 Define what problem you want to solve and for whom

🟒 Research how other tools are solving a similar problem

🟒 Run a team workshop to get unbiased collective creativity

🟒 Take all the ideas you found and start creating your version of the solution

I hope this will give you more clarity to make the proper research and strategy before you set out to build your next software solution!

You'll thank me later. ✌


2) Play with different design solution concepts.

You might have YOUR way of the solution already painted in your mind.

πŸ›‘ Stop.

You want to experiment with 4-5 solution concepts.

This will exercise your brain to think beyond your limiting beliefs and past assumptions.

🟒 Also, gather the ideas from other people on your team, and respect them.

Every human has a unique imagination and can think of something you might have missed.

This will really clarify how your software solution stands out and uniquely solves the problem.

Sounds good?


3) Test the prototype early on.

Don't rely on your assumptions.

Once you have a rough prototype of your software idea, test it with five users, and you'll see amazing insights.

Your user is viewing the new solution from a real-world perspective.

🟒 You then tweak the design to align more with your future users.

Makes sense?


4) Finalize the design before development.

The contractor should not send the tractor before the architect is complete.

This will avoid the biggest development disaster in HISTORY!

Here are some tips:

🟒 Before handing off a feature for development, ensure the design is final and tested

🟒 Ensure the designers are handing off the designs correctly and explaining all the interactions to the development team

🟒 As the developers build, have the designers check to ensure the software is being built as per the design plans.

This can really help!


I hope this article will help you avoid future disasters in your product journey.

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