How to design a Mobile App as an extension to your Web-app?

Nussi Einhorn
How to design a Mobile App as an extension to your Web-app?

Many SaaS web-based software teams are looking to build out a mobile companion.
It sounds refreshing and daunting at the same time.

In this article, I’ll give you the essential tips you need to know!

Read away.

1) See what is essential.

🔹 Take a hard look at all your Web-App’s features, and determine which ones are most used by your customers.

🔹 Consider that the mobile app will be used in a different environment than the desktop — where people behave differently.

🔹 Ensure that the critical data is fully accessible on the app and hide the rest. Also, make the clickable buttons at least 40px by 40px so fingers can tap it easily!

How will you convert your features to a Mobile App?

Let me know in the comments below!

2) Start small.

Some companies refrain from building a Mobile App because it’s a huge undertaking. 🙀�

This should not hold you back!

Start with an app that has a fraction of your features.

You’ll keep on adding on more.

This won’t make you look bad. Large companies do it this way! ☺️

3) Continue the desktop theme.

When customers use your Mobile App 📴, they’ll expect a very similar feel to the desktop app. 🖥️

Use the same color pallet, font styles, illustrations, and input components.

Your customers shouldn’t feel like a new company designed the mobile app!

4) Take advantage of the Mobile device.

There is a good reason why consumers are addicted to Mobile Apps.

Even more than desktop apps.

Consider taking advantage of the pointers below:

🔹 It’s always in their pockets

🔹 Native Camara access

🔹 Location Access

🔹 Contacts Access

🔹 Native Microphone

🔹 Native Calendar and Email

🔹 Push Notifications

🔹 Sharing links and content to their favorite apps

Considering all the above, you can create a truly magical experience exclusive for your mobile app!

It will also get you more downloads.

I hope this article will help you design a Mobile App that will truly compliment your Web experience!

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