How to guide users to upgrade with in-app marketing

Nussi Einhorn
How to guide users to upgrade with in-app marketing

We know that apps are great tools that help people and businesses achieve great efficiency.

As a UX Designer, I often had the opportunity to work closely with the marketing teams to implement a “path to upgrading”.

The art of embedding smart marketing and sales tactics inside your SaaS is one of my favorites!

In this article, we’ll explore where and how your “Smartly” bake in your marketing & sales strategies into your app!

Read on…

1) Put FOMO to work.

The fear of missing out. 😨

Show your users how other users are already benefiting from being on the other (paid) side.

Show them why people keep on buying/upgrading.

After a few days, they won’t handle the FOMO.

Would you do this?

2) Add free help tips — that prompt to upgrade.

Give your users a direct clear answer on how their problems can be solved. 📓

Put a button so they take action. 🔘

Then, show your upgrade page.

Now your users know exactly the value in the upgraded version!

Help, then sell.

With me?

3) Sneak peek the good stuff.

When users arrive at a feature page that is only accessible on a paid plan, the place there a cool GIF, that will demo the value of that feature. 👍

Add a small bullet list — to list the problems this paid feature can solve.

This user will keep on seeing the “peek” until they’ll just click “Upgrade plan”.

No need for a sales team!

in-app marketing is the way to go. ⬅️⬅️


4) Let them start the journey, for free.

This might be cheesy! 🧀

Let your user start the first step of using the paid feature (Maybe 1 instance) and when they want more — prompt the need to upgrade.

This is sort of the free trial — free tasting model.

Once people taste a full spoon of coffee, they’ll run back for a cup very soon! 🏃🏼

Note: be careful with your messaging here, use compassion and respect.

With me?

I how this article helped you understand the best tactics on how to upsell your existing users to buy more inside your app!

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