How to level up the UX Design of your App - Quick Tips

How to level up the UX Design of your App - Quick Tips

You might be very busy developing new features for your App. But this does not mean you can’t improve the UX design of your App.

In this article, I teach you little tips that will take your App’s design a long way!

1) Typography Hierarchy

Why is typography hierarchy so important in UX Design?

👉 It’s the secret usability guide for your users.

If you get typography right, 80% of the design is complete!

2) Do users know of your Software’s new features?

👉 Some SaaS teams don’t take the time to notify users about new releases!

Send them an email, create an in-app pop-up.

3) An easy UX Design Process (Follow the steps below):

  1. Map out the typical User’s Ideal journey on a storyboard
  2. Create a design the matches that journey
  3. Make clickable Prototype
  4. Test it with 5 Users
  5. Take notes and tweak

4) Tips on Fire

🔹 Make all the text legible

🔹 Only show what the user needs to see, tuck away the rest

🔹 Add white space around data elements

🔹 Simplify the navigation to the most used areas of you App

Let me know if these small tips inspired you!

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