How to simplify complicated software

Nussi Einhorn
How to simplify complicated software

You have a large app, with lots of features.

Seems like simplicity, is out of the question.

Excuse #1: “We have so much data”

Excuse #2: “There is a lot that needs to fit on the screens at once”

I have good news for you.

In this article, I will discover my secrets on how to really simplify complex software with clever UX!

Read on…!

1) Show only things people really need.

Some apps want to appear cool — like they have the best features.

Your users don’t need that.

They have a few simple problems to solve and they want OUT.

Unless you’re building a game or Facebook.

👉 Clean out your app as much as possible.

Still with me?

2) Humans can (really) only do ONE thing at a time.

Allow your users to focus on one single task at hand.

It’s more tempting to give them all the power at once.

This will harm them.

👉 Help them stay focused

Is your application focused?

3) Talk (way) simpler.

Your developers want to sound fancy.

Your users want to understand quickly what to do next.

When designing your software, be careful with the words.

👉 Keep them short and really concise.

You’ll thank me later!

4) Write less, show more.

People like to see more than to just text.

Wherever possible, add images, icons, and illustrations.

Also, use color to help people scan and identify things faster.

👉 But don’t overdo it.

There’s a magic balance here!

How is your app with this?

I hope this article will guide you on how to simplify your large and complex software.

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