How to simplify user-onboarding — UX

Nussi Einhorn
How to simplify user-onboarding — UX

Product onboarding is the hottest topic in UX!

It affects User adoption, conversions, and engagement rates.

While most applications have an onboarding journey in place, when I speak to actual people, they seem overwhelming!

They are greeted with a 10 -step setup and they only have 3 extra minutes in their day.

Here are our top two tips for making your onboarding more human:

Explained by Nussi:

Tip #1:

👉 Only start with what is really essential.

Take all of the settings and preferences you want to get from your user, and sort them by priority.

What will they need to start the first function?

When designing your new onboarding, only require the users to input those steps and save the others for later.

Tip #2:

Divide the onboarding journey into several days.

Don’t expect people to have an hour to set up their profile today.

Divide your steps into a few days and let the user take a break and NOT feel bad about it.

👉 Don’t send them emails that make them feel like they have “abandoned” the setup too early.

Be mindful of their time and workloads.

Here you can see the before and after of a real onboarding, we designed.

One is not human, and the other one is! 👇

This was designed by the Intent UX team

In this image that we have created to demonstrate this difference you can see on the left is the fields the developers wanted to gather,

after mapping out the desired customer journey we have discovered what we can really cut!

The difference is night and day!

I hope this article will shine some light on how you create and design your user onboarding.

If you want help from our expert designers, please feel free to reach out, and will have a discussion.


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