How to speed up the UX Design process in your SaaS company

Nussi Einhorn
How to speed up the UX Design process in your SaaS company

Designing and developing software can seem to take forever!

Even teams that implemented the Agile Scrum system still are struggling with the efficiency of building tech products.

I’m not a developer neither a product owner. I’m just a UX Designer.

In this article, I’ll help you speed up Researching, Ideating, and Prototyping a new app, or if you are adding new features to your existing application.

Design Mostly on Paper

Designing on paper will speed up the ideation by three folds!

There are no tools you need to fight; you don’t need to watch a tutorial on how to make something scroll. 📝

Getting in the habit of rapid paper prototyping will put you and your devs on fast-track.

Great, Ideas will emerge, and not-so-great ideas become a scribble in the trash can! 🗑️

Utilize tools like to generate code prototypes from your paper sketches automatically!

Do you paper design, or only screen design?

Let me know in the comments below!

Timebox Everything

Timeboxing will give your designer a hard deadline on how long they can spend on a specific UX exercise. ⏱️

You can research technically for eight years and still find more market insights.

If everything is timeboxed, it creates a magical urgency on the creative (never-really-perfectly-done) tasks. 👌👌

You can use a physical timer or put a due date on your PM tool. (Jira, Asana, etc.)

Are you timeboxing creative tasks?

Give Feedback Daily

Some stakeholders are VERY busy, and designers usually need approval from them to lock-in a design.

If you are the one giving the final OK on the designs, make sure you check-in daily. If you tend to slack on this,

the designer will build up a silent resentment, and a lot will need to be redesigned!

Get the direction right early on. ➡️

Catch it when things are still fresh! 🥅

How do you give design feedback?

Swap Meetings into WORKSHOPS

This is crucial! A lot of teams bring in 10–12 people in a room and try to brainstorm/ideate together

— so the design will have a clear direction on what the business wants.

It always fails! 👎

Instead, have your designer run a systemized workshop like a “Design Sprint” or a “Lightning Decision Jam,”

they are designed to get people on the same page and have clear outcomes when the workshop ends.

Are you still doing the meetings?

Can we schedule the next meeting! 🤝

— -

I hoped this article will help you speed up the UX process in your business.

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