Is my app user-friendly?

Nussi Einhorn
Is my app user-friendly?

As I get to talk to many saas owners, product managers, and developers, they usually ask me: can you tell me if my app is user-friendly?

As an experienced designer, I’ll be able to tell if your app is easy to use in general.

But in reality, only your users will be able to tell you that.

They are using your application on a real-life daily basis.

But how can you get this feedback systematically from your users?

In this article, I’ll explain the best ways you can know if your app the really user-friendly.

1) Ask for direct feedback from your REAL users

This sounds simple, but many SaaS teams are afraid 😨 to ask for feedback. 📣

They fear that the customer will leave the platform or post a bad review.

The opposite is true. 👆

The more feedback you welcome, the more customers will like you!

You’ll start seeing trends in the feedback, and what features need your critical help.

2) Survey your customers

People like to be heard. 👂

Surveys are a great way to make users feel heard!


  1. Keep them short
  2. Use a good survey tool (Typeform, Survey Monkey, etc)
  3. Ask the right questions.

After you get into the habit of sending and reviewing surveys, you’ll have a clear understanding of your app is user-friendly — or not.

How do you deal with possibility surveys? 🤔

3) Watch live session.

Sometimes we get into our heads. 😵

We have the experience and we think, we know the users very well.

When you recond and re-watch the live session you will start to see something shocking!

Other humans tend to use the same software very differently.

What you might think is self-understood, for the other person — they can totally be stuck.

Start seeing other prospectives and behaviors.

With me?

4) Simulate the many possible user journeys

People are using your software product in more ways than you can think of. 🙆

Map out all these journies on paper 📜and then try to use your app for that specific journey.

You’ll be shocked, that your app is ONLY designed for a single journey.

This exercise will open your eyes 👁️, so you can design your next feature with all the journies in mind.

How many journeys does your app have?

I hope this article helped you test if you app is truly user-friendly

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