Is UX Design all about Colors?

Nussi Einhorn
Is UX Design all about Colors?

Whenever I speak to people about UX Design they instantly associated it with colors and cool-looking apps.

While this may be part of the UX Design role, the real deal of what UX is WAY deeper.

In this article I’ll outline some of the value a UX Designer can bring to your project.

1) It’s about your software’s architecture.

What will your developers build?

How exactly will each feature function?

What will show and what will hide in different scenarios?

All of these questions usually can be answered in the UX Design phase.

Will you build a building without an architect? 🤔🤔🤔

2) It discovers what you really need.

When you first came up with the product idea, you’re in hypothesis mode.

You dream big. 💭

But what do your users really need?

What features are the best for your business?

That all gets discovered in the UX Design Process.

It’s kinda magical. 💥

3) It will bring your features together.

Developing a large software can be messy. 😔

There are so many parts and bolts being worked on at the same time

UX Design can help glue together all these scattered features and make them feel like one cohesive app.

Is your app all over the place?

Time for some unification! 🤝

I hope this article has helped you understand that UX Design is not all about colors.

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