Is UX Design Expensive?

Nussi Einhorn
Is UX Design Expensive?

I always get this question for business owners that have to build software with only developers.

They are now realizing the importance of UX.

But your thinking… UX Design is very expensive!

We can’t afford that — let’s keep the money for the development of new features and bugs.


In this article, I’ll explain why UX Design will save you thousands of $$$$$ down the line in you apps lifetime.

1) You will save thousands or millions in re-development.

When your features are quickly handed over to you developers without a proper design and user testing, chances that they will need to re-develop them is 100%!

Development costs are very very expensive. (you know)

Having UX Design hashed out with feature details and interaction before it reaches developers, will save you loads of money.


2) It will save your developer’s focus and sanity

Developers that are given something to build without a proper UX Design, usually fail.

They get very frustrated with every you to change request (as you also don’t know what you want!)

This can lead to serious developer burn out and you might end up losing your team altogether!

🤣 I’ve seen this happening in front of my eyes.

I hope this NEVER happens to your team.

Can you relate?

3) It will help you attract millions when pitching to investors.

The #1 thing that investors look at when a tech idea is pitched, is the Design.

Is this app well planned and easy to use?

Or is it a mess?

Investing in a great UX/UI Design upfront will make your pitching so much easier.

Your thoughts?

I hope this article has helped you understand the amounts of money and aggravation you can save by having a proper UX Design.

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