The UX of Asana and

Nussi Einhorn
The UX of Asana and

In today's fast-paced business world, project management software has become an essential tool for teams of all sizes. These tools help teams to plan, organize, and track their work, and they can be a valuable asset in improving productivity and efficiency.

However, not all project management software is created equal. The user experience (UX) of a project management tool can have a significant impact on its usability and effectiveness. A well-designed tool can make it easy for teams to collaborate and communicate, while a poorly designed tool can frustrate users and make it difficult to get work done.

In this blog, we will explore the UX of project management software Asana and Monday through the following UX stories.


Complicated task template system!

Ruth 👱‍♀️, a project manager using Asana,

struggled 😖 with the platform's task template system.

Manually adding tasks, configuring settings, and creating new tasks from templates 💻

became a tedious and error-prone process, ❌

leaving her frustrated with the inefficiency.

This highlighted 💡 the vital role of streamlined UX design

in easing the workflow for users like Ruth.✅

Lost in the app! 😵

Joel 🙋‍♂️, a new entrepreneur, tried using 👉, a versatile project app.

But it was tough. 🙅‍♂️

The app had lots of things to do and choose,

and it made him feel a bit lost at first. 😵

Joel's struggle shows why a user-friendly matters.

A simpler design would have made navigating its features easier ✅,

helping users like him manage projects without feeling overwhelmed. 👌

Poll of the week

Asana or With a whopping 65% of the vote, Asana reigns supreme as the user-friendlier option. still holds its own with 35% of the votes, proving its appeal to some. Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.


Link to poll: Click here!

There are a number of key factors that contribute to a good UX for project management software. These include ease of use, task management, communication, collaboration, and reporting.

As designers and app developers, you hold the power to craft tools that not only facilitate teamwork and project execution but also foster a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Remember, project management software serves as a critical enabler for teams to streamline their processes, achieve milestones, and ultimately, propel their endeavors forward.

A well-designed user experience is not merely an afterthought; it is the cornerstone of successful project management software.

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