The UX of Password Managers: Lastpass and 1Password

Nussi Einhorn
The UX of Password Managers: Lastpass and 1Password

Keeping our online presence secure is a top priority. Password managers like LastPass and 1Password have become essential guardians for our growing list of passwords. However, their impact goes beyond just security—they significantly shape how we interact with the digital world.

This blog dives into how these tools' UX designs affect our behaviors, productivity, and peace of mind. By understanding the subtle yet important ways these platforms influence our online interactions, we gain a deeper appreciation for crafting seamless security solutions.

Below are UX stories we've prepared for you to get a better view on how the UX of these giant names in password management affect their users.

Read on!

Filling out forms is a pain!

Meet Rina 🙋‍♀️, a LastPass user.

Sometimes found filling out forms to be quite the head-scratcher.

She often had to pause ⏸️ and tinker with the details manually.

When it came to managing diverse types of information,

LastPass didn't quite hit the mark.🎯

Imagine how Rina must have felt in those moments...

a mix of frustration and inconvenience, no doubt! 🤯

While it is true that no software is perfect,

it's crucial ✅ for designers to zero in on the essentials.

They should craft a form-filling experience that's not only efficient and intuitive,

but also minimizes user hiccups.

This thoughtful approach

translates to heightened satisfaction for 👉 users like Rina,

and ultimately, a boost in completion rates. 🚀

Now, doesn't that sound like a win-win? 😊

Frustrating autofill experience!

Alex, a 1Password user, updated the app for a better autofill experience. 🔄

However, he ran into a major issue:

passwords was filled correctly, but captchas were left untouched!

This left him seriously frustrated. 😤

He stressed that the new autofill fell short

of the seamless flow he was used to.

This not only disrupted his work

but also shook his trust in 1Password's reliability. 🤷‍♂️🔐

By improving 1Password and upgrading captcha handling for seamless integration,

this frustrating experience would never happen again. ✅            

Remember, if your app is friendly,

your users are happy!

Poll of the week!

Check out the result of our poll this week! (see the image below)

This was actually a surprisingly good result! More than half of the respondents chose 1Password over Lastpass, considering that the latter  is the more popular app,

What about you? You agree on this result?


Link to the LI poll: Click here!        


As creators and designers, let's remember how crucial it is to make password managers user-friendly. Tools like LastPass and 1Password do more than just keep passwords safe. They make it easier for people to manage their online world.

Think of it like building a strong foundation for a building. A good user experience isn't just about security; it's about giving users the confidence to handle their online accounts smoothly. By focusing on designs that put users first, we're not just protecting accounts, but also making the digital world a simpler, safer place.

Keep championing user-friendly solutions in password management – it's not just about security, it's about making digital life better for everyone!

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