What’s beyond screen design?

Nussi Einhorn
What’s beyond screen design?

Getting a successful software out to the market is not a small task.

UX Designers are playing a greater role as companies expect more from their designers.

Most people think that the responsibility of a UX Designer is to make nice mockups.

Well, not exactly.

In this article, I’ll explain what else goes on in a modern UX Designer role.

In-app marketing strategy.

Almost every app has a cross-selling or engagement strategy.

This task usually falls into the hands of the product designers. 👨💻

🔹 How will the customer upgrade from a free to a paid plan?
🔹 How will the user come to the app and post daily updates?
🔹 How do we encourage more people to use the new “Stories” feature?

All this takes thought and design effort to get right.

Did you know that UX Designer does that?

Designing future features with the customer and business needs in mind.

Designing software is complex. ⚙️

We, as product designers, need to take into account all the past user + business feedback when making design decisions.

It’s a fine balance between redesigning the current state and looking ahead to the future at the same time!

That is called juggling.

Can you relate? 🤔

User testing.

After coming up with a design idea, UX Designers usually handle the user testing.

What does that involve? 👇

🔹 Finding and scheduling users to test
🔹 Running the testing sessions and taking notes.
🔹 Discovering that we need to go back to the drawing board
🔹 Implementing change to the design based on the feedback

Did you know that UX Designers do that?

Product-market fit.

Will people even need this feature?

Product designs are often the ones researching and testing out product-market fit.

🔹 What are people currently using?
🔹 Who are our competitors?
🔹 What are the other solutions not solving
🔹 Do people want to pay for these solutions?
🔹 Can they accomplish the same goal with a free tool out there?

All the above are tough questions we need to answer. ✍️

And that’s UX beyond screen design!

Usage analytics and surveys.

It’s making sense of the usage data!

🔹 Running user surveys
🔹 Analyzing HotJar and Google analytics
🔹 Testing different versions of a design with users

This is beyond screen design. 🙂

Did you know that?

I hope this article sheds some light on what really goes on behind the scenes of a UX Designer.

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