Why are tech companies hiring top UX Design talent?

Nussi Einhorn
Why are tech companies hiring top UX Design talent?

In an industry that is driven by technical abilities, why are they fetching the top designer to come work for them?

If the software has robust features then why bother hiring top design talent?

But your know the truth, companies like yours are hiring the best design talent because they’ve seen the need for it.

In this article, I’ll explain why all the largest tech companies are so focused on the design and user experience of the application.

With UX Design, is the best way they can differentiate themselves from the rest.

Every SaaS or app idea usually has a direct competitor. 🤜🤛

Someone that’s also trying to play your game.

A bit Better. 😀

With good UX, you can take advantage of the competition.

Continuos good UX will bring up the value of a tech product daily!

With me?

It’s the #1 way to retain their users, long-term.

Users have a lot of options.

They can stay with you, or go with the next shop down the block!

The #1 aspect that keeps users to a software solution is if it has a great design and user-experince. 👍

They will think twice to leave you for the competitions.

Invest in design so your people will stick around. 🙋🙋

Can you relate?

It makes their internal development process 10x easier!

The large tech teams need to be very efficient.

With new releases being the new norm, they need a lean process. 🤔

UX Design is one of the most crucial efforts to make a dev team efficient.

The big players are heavily investing in design talent, as it has a direct impact on the efficiency of the development cycle.


I hope the helps you realize why the largest tech companies are after the best UX Designers.

If you’re considering UX for your App is software, please reach out to us.

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