Why did people stop using your app?

Nussi Einhorn
Why did people stop using your app?

You spent months on research, years on developing your software, and now where did the precious users go?

When you sold them the solution, it was a no-brainer, this is the app they needed most.

The customers even told you: “This will change my business forever!”

Now, you check the analytics, and they didn’t log in for the past 6 months.

What can be the reasons?

In this article, I will explore the 5 top reasons your customer abandon the use of your app.

Read on…

It was too complicated to use

When you sold them the solution, you said it will be simple.

Somehow, things got more complicated. 🤔🤔

When a user feels your app is too complicated and confusing, they leave. 🤷

It’s that simple.

Think, when was the last time you abandoned a complicated software?

It took up too much of their time

People sign up for new software tools in the hope, that it will save them time. 🕐

When they find themselves having to spend hours upon hours inside your tool, it defeats the entire purpose.

Sometimes they even need to hire a new person 🧑 to maintain and use your app.

This is not what they signed up for!

Agree? 👌

You missed some critical features they needed

Users have a human journey.

It’s a set of specific tasks they want to complete.

If you designed a solution that is not really aligned with the user’s journey, they will feel it.

And this might be the very reason people left your app altogether! 🤦

Next time around, let’s do better. 🤞

They are reverting back to the old ways of doing things

Change is tough. Especially for humans.

People like to continue doing things the old way. 🧙

Offering a new software solution to humans is an effort of change.

You need to guide them through it. ➡️➡️➡️

If you leave them alone too soon, they will surely revert to the old way!

With me?

They lost your trust!

There were 3–4 bugs.

They didn’t find things when they needed them most.

Your trust went out the window! 🪟

Once users lose your trust, you’ll need to work very hard to earn it back. ✋

The best hack for this is, to release a new design version of your app and tell the users that this release also resolves the issues they previously had. 🙂

How would you repair lost trust?

I hope this article opened your eyes to why users stopped using your app.


I hope that you will learn how to improve this in the future.

No one is perfect!

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