Why is your SaaS business losing clients to competitors?

Nussi Einhorn
Why is your SaaS business losing clients to competitors?

It can feel scary. The numbers are declining.

Every day you see the number of users leaving your App, GROW. 🙈


My gut is that it’s a User Experience problem.

In this article, I will explain all the logical reasons why users would leave you and head for the competition!

Your onboarding experience is lacking.

People that sign up for a new software solution expect a seamless hand-held onboarding.

So what may have gone wrong: 🤔

🔹 There is no onboarding at all

🔹 The onboarding had too many initial steps

🔹 The onboarding didn’t match the initial user’s expectations

You are not innovating.

You thought: build it once, and clients will subscribe forever!

That’s not the case anymore. 👆

SaaS teams need to upgrade their software to serve its subscribed users continuously.

What you should be doing:

🔹 Create a roadmap so clients can see your plan of innovation

🔹 Create a community where clients can submit feature requests and report bugs

🔹 Send out monthly emails to all users — showing them that you’re alive and continuously upgrading.

I hope this helps!

It’s too hard to use.

When people find your software complicated and hard to use, they’ll naturally look for alternatives.

Why is your software complicated: 👇

🔹 Software engineers designed it (without too much thought of the experience design)

🔹 It has too many features (This can overwhelm people)

🔹 The UI looks old and feels un-secure

🔹 Pages and navigation links or all over the place

🔹 Users need to click too many times to achieve a task

And many more reasons.

It feels very unfamiliar.

People trying out a new tool don’t want to take a course on how to use it! 🤦

They want it should feel like the tools they already use, just enhanced.

These might be the problems your users find with your App:

🔹 Standard software components have a weird design

🔹 The design is cool but not accessible (Legible, clickable, etc.)

🔹 They are continually looking for actions, but can’t find it!

It’s time to take an in-depth look and rethink your software’s design.

You don’t hold their hand.

People that commit to a new software solution need a holding hand for at-least 30 days. 🤝

How can you achieve that easier:

🔹 Reach out to them via email in the first days of their sign-up, offering help and guidance

🔹 To automate it, create a series of emails that will slowly educate your users on the key milestones they need to reach

🔹 Prepare FAQ’s to help them at their roadblocks

This will give your users the proper education to succeed with your tool!

If you need help with this, please let me know in the comments below!

I hope this article will help you retain more happy users in your SaaS and not lose them to the competition!

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