Why people don’t like tech

Nussi Einhorn
Why people don’t like tech

We assume that people love apps, phones, TV, and other tech stuff for some odd reason.

The absolute truth is:
People DON’T need tech for the sake of tech; they want to solve some of their life’s problems via tech tools.

Some developers and designers tend to design and release features assuming that the user will treat it as a game.

But in reality, you are just wasting their time and energy.

Over time some people have developed a negative relationship in regards to tech and software.

This article will cover how you can be more mindful of creating the tools and features your users need.

Video (Nussi Explaining)

Reason #1:

👉 Because they think — it’s actually time-consuming.

They have the feeling that using software tools will take up too much of their time.

They’ve had a bad experience with complicated software in the past.

They’re now burnt out.

🌟 You’re here to change their belief.

This time, design a solution that will be more straightforward.

⌚ It will now REALLY save them time.

Do you see this problem arising with users?

Reason #2:

👉 Because it can be VERY complicated

Some software tools are just incredibly complicated.

The way they are designed, or the available functions.

When designing your software tool, don’t make that same mistake.

Keep it super-friendly, and people will LOVE it.

You’ll thank me later!

Reason #3:

👉 Because it doesn’t match their needed journey

They have a simple process they’re expecting to find, and it’s not there.

When developers design a software solution, often the tool is designed from a technical perspective.

The users had something else in mind.

Things start to fit like a glove when you align the tool more with the intended human plan.

With me?


People love well-designed software.

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