Why should you care about UX Design?

Why should you care about UX Design?

Back in 2012, teams had one product designer for every 80 software developers.

Now it’s 1:6!!

Companies and people have come to realize how vital the User Experience design is to their digital products.

There is no developer shortage of websites, from portals to mobile apps; the key is whose design is the most intuitive.

UX is everything.

This article will outline the four top reasons why you need to focus more on the customers’ user experience.

A poorly designed product won’t keep its users.

If your application is hard to use, over time, people will walk away. 🚶🚶

There is always a new alternative hitting your market, and it will compete with your design.

If your design is timeless and intuitive, your users won’t leave your app too quickly, even if the competition has more features.

You’ll get excellent ratings.

In 2020, users won’t stay quiet. If they’re happy, they’ll say it, and if not, they’ll say it too. 📣📣

User Experience Design and ease of use are the number one thing users talk about in their product reviews.

Let them have something to compliment you on! 👍

Your developers will be happier.

Software products that put a significant focus on UX Design tend to attract better developers. 🧑💻

If developers see you don’t care about UX design, this will hint to them that the burden of design will fall on them.

Developers love to build.

Designers are trained to play around with your plans.

You’ll raise money faster.

Investors check for good UX before anything.

If you want a foot in the capital door 💵, put in a great effort in designing your software product properly.

You’ll pay now, but it will accompany your product forever.

User experience is everything! 🙂

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I hope this article will help you understand the underlying importance of UX design for your digital product.

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