A New Era of Security Deposits


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A New Era of Security Deposits

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A New Era of Security Deposits

About the Project:

The team at Deposit Security saw a need, a void to fill; previously, tenants had to pay a lump sum for a security deposit before taking the rental apartment. Some tenants couldn't afford it, and the landlord kept the security deposit, which wouldn't even be as effective as it was intended to be.

Welcome to Deposit Security, a new solution for landlords and tenants to take care of the security deposit problem. Tenants can easily apply, and the verification happens instantly. After the background checks, they get approved for a monthly subscription with a low fee that will cover the needs of the security deposit.

The Intent UX team helped Deposit Security develop a seamless online flow in which tenants can log on, get verified, create an account, and subscribe to a quote. Most tenants are tech-savvy and are on their phones, but some are also on their computers at work. Taking this into account, we had to create a hybrid approach that made the application user-friendly both on mobile and desktop.

So here you can see the actual result of the work, which is absolutely amazing!


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