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Payroll Finance Made Simple

About the project

The financial industry is known for leading in tech, but it's really just hype.

Morris Reichman, President of Payro Finance, had a new vision for the Financing need of small business owners: a simple lending product that will serve ONLY for payroll.

As businesses went through the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear to some that they would need cash flow assistance in the payroll space.

Morris set out to create a custom web-app that will allow business owners to apply for and receive payroll funding with ZERO FRICTION.

After assigning the team at Intent UX to design and architect the flow of this new revolutionary product, we got to work!

We studied Payro Finance's operations and transformed them into a custom customer portal that will streamline nearly all interactions.

The goal was to make the customer experience enjoyable, simple, and frictionless.

We worked our magic, and the results are now in!

As this tool is now in active development, we are already seeing this revolutionary payroll financing product take over the traditional and conventional paths.

The Goals and Challenges:

The Goals and Challenges from the Design Sprint

Research and Strategy

As this was a new product, our team conducted extensive research on the financial markets. We gather information about what others in the space are doing and what they are doing wrong!

Researching other competitors
The big-picture mindmap - architecture

Initial Sketches

Sketches for the UX of the new app

More Application UX Sketches

User Flows

We have carefully crafted the user onboarding and the user flows, so the customer will feel secure and not get annoyed with all the steps.

This approach took some deep thought and time to develop - Payro wanted to really differentiate their product with seamless and simple UX.

A unique user flow diagram - Intent UX
The custom dashboard - maps and sketches!

After the UX project was completed, we delivered a robust and scalable Figma Design system. The Payro development team coded the entire, detailed design with perfection, and they really enjoyed the detail of the UX/UI design provided by Intent!

Shots of the final product:

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