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How it started:

Moses Landau, Head of Operations at Chuster Inc. reached out to us with a challenge: The company in growing its sales activity and everything still works with pen and paper!

Chuster has a large product line of noodles and other food products and sells to all major supermarkets in the Tri-State area.

When Joel Landau joined the company as Head of Technology he knew he wanted to built out a custom app for the companies operation and he wanted the design should be well thought-out!

The unmarked Headquarters of Chuster where they're operating out of since 1980 - Williamsburg NYC

After meeting with the Chuster Team in their NYC headquarters we together defined what the core challenges are:

The challenges:

  1. Orders were falling through the cracks
  2. Customers were not able to submit orders by themselves
  3. The product catalog was on a paper pad - No auto-updates!
  4. The salesmen spent too much time at a given supermarket due to the tedious paperwork tasks

Project's Goals:

The goals for this project were very clear:

  • Create an app that will have the complete ordering process
  • The app should include the delivery and sales process
  • The app should be robust but still very easy to use on the go
  • The app's design should work for the back-office coordinator and for the salespeople on the road
The Project's Goals

The Before

Before crating the App, Chuster was operating with a paper pad catalog that was entered into QuickBooks every night.

Here's how the pad looked like!

The Paper Catalog

The UX Process:

Paper Sketching with the Team - Together with the Head of Operation and the team we sketched out the ideas and we validated them with the Salesmen and some of the Customers.

The Sketches

Mobile Screen Concepts

The Solution:

After compiling all the research and market data, our team set out to create a new solution. 

With the new app - Chuster can now mange the following from the app:

  • Create orders
  • Check order status
  • Signing invoices
  • Print receipts
  • Accept on-site payments
  • Edit & add customers info
  • Accept e-signatures in-app
  • Pay off the balances
  • Delivery routes
  • Mimicked the paper catalog to digital

All the designed screens we shipped to the development team

The Polish:

After ironing out the last tweaks of the UX with the team, we set out to design the entire app with a clean UI so the Salesmen will love to use it!

Here are some shots of the final product:

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