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TV Ads For Small Business

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TV Ads For Small Business

About the Project:

InfyTV is a platform that helps CTV/OTT applications to monetize through increased consumer engagement and true programmatic integration.

They identified the market problem: small business owners who do not have a place to advertise on TV.

When Infy TV contacted Intent UX, the goal was to do a major visual UI redesign. The web app needed to be more solid and consistent in terms of UI style, design system, and, most importantly, usability.

The end goal was for the users, the small business owners, create ads that are easy to manage and stay within budget.

Specifically, the following are the processes that we did to achieve this.

1. We redesigned all the app screens with a NEW and improved UI theme. 

2. Also, we revised the copy to be more guiding and sharper.

3. For the landing page, we did some restructuring to make it more usable.

Here is the results!

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