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Project Overview - LigoLab

In the rapidly evolving world of medical diagnostics, the ability to integrate and interpret vast streams of data is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. LigoLab, a leader in laboratory information systems, recognized the need to enhance their platform to meet the growing demands of the digital age. Enter our agency, where innovation meets functionality. We partnered with LigoLab to reimagine their user interface, focusing on creating a cohesive, intuitive experience that aligns with the daily needs of pathologists and laboratory technicians. Our mission was clear: streamline the complexity of lab management into a user-friendly suite of tools, beginning with the critical touchpoint of specimen management.

LigoLab's platform serves as the backbone of laboratory operations nationwide, but its full potential was locked behind an interface that needed a modern touch. Our collaborative effort centered on unearthing this potential, turning a functional system into an exemplary model of user experience (UX) in healthcare technology. We delved deep into the day-to-day tasks of LigoLab's users, transforming insights into a series of UI enhancements that promise efficiency and accuracy. The result? A transformed Specimen Ordering Widget that is both a visual and operational leap forward, embodying the art of making complex tasks feel simple.

The redesigned widget is just one piece of the comprehensive case study that showcases our approach to LigoLab's platform. Through careful analysis, creative redesign, and meticulous implementation, we've crafted an interface that not only looks good but also feels intuitively right for the user. The case study will walk potential visitors through the nuanced decisions that shaped the new UI, displaying the screens that bring this vision to life. We are excited to guide you through the journey of how we elevated LigoLab from an industry standard to an industry leader in laboratory informatics.

Here are some feature we have redesigned, enjoy!

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