Battle of the UX: ClickUp Vs. Asana

Nussi Einhorn
Battle of the UX: ClickUp Vs. Asana

Project management software is crucial to any company as it organizes all the projects and the individual tasks delegated to each employee.

But what if it's not user-friendly? It will surely affect productivity as it will slow down the workflow.

Below are two UX stories of people who used two of the most popular project management tools, ClickUp and Asana.

Read on!

Where do you find it??

Henry finally got a job!! 🎉

After months of applying, he was hired as a remote project manager.

It was his first day at work 💪, and his boss had asked him to create some projects

using specific templates saved on the project management tool ClickUp. 🖥️

This is not Henry's first time using the tool,

but he has never used it extensively. 🤔

He attempted to navigate ClickUp in search of the templates

but gave up 🙅‍♂️ when he realized he wasn't getting anywhere.

He asked his boss for assistance 🙋‍♂️  and was shown how to get to the template center

by clicking 🖱️ on the user icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

But how could he have known?

This experience would have been significantly improved 👍

if important features, such as the template center,

were placed in a 👉 prominent section of the main page.

This would allow users to easily access templates when they are needed.☝️

Do you want your software to be simple and easy to use?

Reach out today and let's do a UX audit!

Permissions, anyone?

Aya took the leap! 🙌

After years of deliberation,

Aya launched her graphic design business 💻 with a couple of employees she had hired.

She decided to use the project management tool Asana 👀

to make it easier to manage their projects. 👆

After signing up, she was now on the page where she was asked

to type ⌨️ in the email addresses of the people on her team.

The issue was that the page did not specify what kind of permissions they would have.

Can they edit everything or just view it? ⌨️

She, of course, didn't want them to have full access to everything in the tool,

so this page confused and concerned her. 🤔

For a better UX, we could have utilized the page mentioned above

and added 👉 additional information and choices

about what the members of the team can do on the platform. 💁‍♀️

Poll this week

When it comes to project management tools, we may have different preferences as we have different ways of using them. This week we ask people which of the two project management tools. ClickUp and Asana gave them a better user experience.

Check out the image below!

Woah! The two tools were neck and neck! But in the end, Asana won this survey.

For more details and comments about this poll, you may click here to go to the poll on LinkedIn.

Tools, such as project management software, are used to make things easier for people. However, if the UX is bad, it does the exact opposite.

Give your users the best possible experience. We can help you optimize your project management software with a great UX, and make sure projects run smoothly every time.

Reach out today and let's do a UX audit!

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