The Battle of the UX: WhatsApp Vs. Telegram

Nussi Einhorn
The Battle of the UX: WhatsApp Vs. Telegram

Nowadays, everything is done online. Conversations, for example, are no longer as they once were. You've got your app on your phone, and you're ready to talk to someone anywhere in the world.

With the rise of the internet, messaging apps became even more convenient, adding features that everyone can enjoy.

Having said that, messaging apps are becoming increasingly competitive. Let us now discuss their UX. Are they good?

The following are the user experience stories for two of today's most popular messaging apps: WhatsApp and Telegram.

Read on and let us know if you have a similar experience while using these apps!

They're all mixed up!

Alyssa 👩 was their company's organizational supervisor.

She's in charge of recruitment and payroll, among other things 💪,

which is why employees regularly communicate 💬 with her for inquiries or disputes.

The company recently decided to use WhatsApp as its communication platform.

They set up different group chats, and at first,

Alyssa was a little overwhelmed 😓 by the volume of chats she started receiving.

As the supervisor, she was, of course, expected to respond to messages.

It's payout day, and Alyssa announced 📣 it on WhatsApp.

As expected, she started getting questions ❓ and replies

in the different group chats they have on the app.

It was a lot 🤯, but she tried to respond to all of them,

and then she started getting direct chats from individual employees.

Now that's overwhelming 🙇‍♀️! - managing these group chats

and responding to individual inquiries all at the same time.

It started getting a bit much for her 😔 as all the chats were now mixed up.

"Ugh!" exclaimed Alyssa.

If only there were a way to organize or make the different group chats more distinguishable. 👍

With a UX tweak, of course, there is a way! 🙌

In this case, it would be ideal if we could categorize the various chats

by assigning colors 🎨, which would help differentiate each of them.

Every detail of any software is critical to one's UX journey.

How to view the shared media files?

Ryan was on Telegram. 🙋‍♂️

He was going over the conversation 💬 he had with his colleague.

He needed to retrieve 👆 a file that had been sent to him.

The issue was that the file had been sent a long time ago.

Ryan had to scroll 👉📱 all the way back to find it.

It was such a pain for just one file!

It would have been more convenient if Telegram could have stored files

where users like Ryan could easily access them.  👍

This could also save a lot of time ⏱️ , especially if the chat history is already quite long.

A good UX is very important...

because it allows people 🧍‍♂️ 🧍 🧍‍♀️  to not only use an app for its intended purpose,

but also fully enjoy its overall features.

Poll this week

347 people have voted!! Between WhatsApp and Telegram, the majority of the respondents chose Google Sheets as the simpler application.

Everyone's got a preference, but this survey surely says a lot about Whatsapp's UX and its user-friendliness.

For the link to the actual LinkedIn poll, click here.

Regardless of where you are in the world, messaging apps are the simplest and most convenient way to have conversations and even make transactions.

You simply download the app, and you can have unlimited conversations and easily share media files with each other.

Messaging apps have somehow become a necessity now, and app developers should take this into account.

We need to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and for that to happen, the app's UX must be good and user-friendly.

If you have any questions about how we can make your software more user-friendly, please contact us via the link below.

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