The UX of the Airline Ticket Kiosk

The UX of the Airline Ticket Kiosk

Airline ticketing kiosks have significantly changed airport operations. These machines shorten lines at airport check-in and baggage claim counters.

While it is a true benefit to the airline industry, things can still go wrong, making things much more difficult for passengers. How? When kiosks are not simple to use.

Below are the stories we prepared for you about the poor user experience that people had to deal with in using the airline ticketing kiosks.


Why does it have to be confusing?!

πŸ‘±Kevin is traveling for the first time abroad...

He arrived at the airport ✈️ just in time,

and immediately sought assistance in checking in for his flight.

The staff πŸ’ informed him that in order to do this and get his boarding pass,

he needed to use the airport's ticket kiosk. πŸ“ 

He began entering πŸ‘‰the information requested by the system.

He was checking his bags. 🧳

As he tried to add another one,

he became perplexed πŸ€” when the system displayed too many options on the screen.

It got so confusing 😡that it took him about 5 minutes to add the rest of his baggage.

The experience made Kevin panic and become extremely stressed.πŸ˜“

For a first-time flyer and someone who is not comfortable with a self-service machine like a ticket kiosk, Β 

we could've made this easier for Kevin if only the system was direct to the point and very easy to use.


Somebody, help!

πŸ‘¨ Sam decided to travel for his summer vacation. 🏝️

On the day of his flight ✈️, he used the ticket kiosk at the airport to check in.

Sam didn't speak English well,

so he was having trouble entering information into the system πŸ˜•, which was all in English.

To make matters worse, the letters were too small for him to read.πŸ˜”

It took him a while to check in πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ, and he had to seek assistance from other passengers.

This experience could have been avoided...

if we took into consideration ☝️ the wide range of user demographics when designing the software UX.


Poll this week

This week, we asked people what they think about the kiosks that are being used at the airports for self-check-ins.

Although most respondents agreed that they are more convenient than having to wait in line, some of them thought that they can be a little confusing.

Poll link: click here


When a software is complicated to use, and in this case software used in airline ticketing kiosks, it leads to frustrations and worse, business downtime.

This and many other possibilities are the things that you as developers and providers of these kiosks must take into consideration.

If you have any questions or need help with your software, please use the link below to request a UX audit:

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