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Real Estate Underwriting Calculator

How it started:

Eastern Union reached out to us with the request to "Redesign" their legendary Commercial Real Estate Underwriting Calculator App.

The app was great on functionality but Ira Zlotowitz, Eastern's CEO knew that it can be way better. 

The First Design Workshop we had at the Eastern Union Headquarters

After meeting with the Eastern Team in their NJ headquarters we together defined what the core challenges are:

The challenges:

  1. There are currently 9 calculators. Brokers can get confused what calculator does what
  2. The app looked dated and Eastern Union wanted to market a new app with a fresh UI
  3. The current calculators were great at making the calculations but lacked the extra bells and whistles users expect in a modern App
The Current Challenges

Project's Goals:

The goal of this project was very clear:

  • Simplify the UX flow of the calculators
  • Update the look and feel of the app
  • Add Innovative new features
The Project's Goals

The Before:

Here are some of the shots of how the app looked before we redesigned it.

The Home Screen

Rate Sheet

The Mortgage Calculator

The Yield Maintenance Calculator

The UX Process:

Market research - We researched on how the current user of the app use it every day. Tn this phase, we discovered lots of new insights. 

Some features were highly used while some others we're not used at all. Our team has reviewed and analyzed the analytics of the apps' usage.

Lightning Demos - In this phase, we review every calculator app on the App Store. We've tested them all to see the good and the bad the market has to offer.

Some of the Calculators we researched

The Solution:

After compiling all the research and market data, our team set out to create new solutions. 

We wire-framed and sketched many ideas. and with the tight collaboration of Eastern's internal team we have developed and viable and balanced new design!

Here is the presentation of the Low fidelity (Raw UX) design:

A Glimps of the Low-Fidelity New Design

Sketching a new Idea on the board!

Choosing the Correct Typography

Beginning Looks of AI

The Polish:

After ironing out the last tweaks of the UX with the team, we set out to craft a new design system, that will live up to the modern brand identity of Eastern Union.

Here is how the final product looks:

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