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QuickBooks Analytics Application

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QuickBooks Analytics Application

How it started:

Yanky Reichman, CEO of YBO in Spring Valley NY reached out to us with a request: As I manage multiple clients financial books via their Quick-Books, I want to have a Web-Based Dashboard where I can see just the data I want. Then I want to pass on that simplicity to my clients!

👉 Genius idea!

After an initial meeting with Yanky and his team in their Spring Valley headquarters, we together defined what the core challenges are:

The challenges:

  1. Quickbooks is very robust and too complicated
  2. Costumers don't like to read the reports from Quickbooks
  3. Quiqbook's reports do not aggregate automatically
  4. We can't see a high-level overview on each client's financial state

The Challenges

Project's Goals:

The goals for this project were very clear:

  • Create a WebApp that YBO and its clients can use simultaneously
  • It should have all the data pulled in from Quickbooks
  • It should be robust but very easy to use
  • The Dashboards should have a modern SaaS look and feel

The Goals

The UX Process:

Learning QuickBooks - Together with the YBO team, we studied all the reports that clients are currently using in Quickbooks. Below are some images of the complex reports we analyzed:

A Cash-flow Report

Another Report Analyzed

The Solution:

After compiling all the research and market data, our team set out to create a new solution. 

With the new App - YBO can now:

  • Onboard and manage their clients
  • Manage their clients financial data
  • Each client has all their QB reporting in their section
  • The app is white labeled for each client when they login
  • All the critical QB reports are now available - on-demand in the web-app
  • YBO has now custom dashboard to show and hide what reports they want for each client

Some of the UX Mapping

The Polish:

After ironing out the last tweaks of the UX with the team, we set out to design the entire app with a clean User Interface.

Here are some shots of the final product:

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